Studio Saison, by BANDAPAR

A daring creative entity, Studio Saison combines plants compositions and art direction. Through photoshoots, advertisement, catwalk settings or others, the studio sees vegetal as an all-round material to be used as architecture, regardless of gender, size of projects or duration. Studio Saison helps creating a specific universe that tackles aesthetics and visual aspects in creations of various scales.

Together with Bandapar Architecture, a new space was developed that needed to play a specific role in Studio Saison strategy, next to their pre-existing workspace. It is a polymorph that is together a creation space, a shop-window with plants in display, an office and a business card for Studio Saison luxury craftmanship. It gives the brand daily urban presence in the public space while allowing punctual sales.

The flower studio is located on the ground floor of a newly built housing block, within the precincts of a lively, everchanging Parisian neighbourhood. There, shops and services are to be found for a very diverse and urban population that is looking for high-quality products.

The facade provides the shop with an easy-going attitude, conveniently large windows and a lot of sun.  The general lay-out is kept simple with technical fittings at the back of the shop while the overall backdrop is of formal unity: white walls, floor and ceiling

In terms of furniture, four very graphic made-to-measure elements contrast against the plain background. First, a striking display wall-shelf was painted in International Klein Blue and works as the only coloured element in the shop. This blue shade magnifies the green and other colours of plants in display, while reaching out to passers-by. The lower part of the furniture acts as storage space, while the upper part is constantly changing thanks to movable elements.   

The second feature is a massive Markina marble desk, with built-in sink and selling fixtures (wrapping paper dispenser, drawers, cash till…). A central element, its right part is used as a working table. The left part acts as an office desk. In between, sliding glass doors split this piece of furniture in two in order to give the office part privacy whiling keeping eye contact to the boutique.

The third element is a silvered, folded-paper screen that hides all technical spaces (storage, sanitary equipment).

Finally, lighting is ensured by a continuous ray of LED fixtures floating in space.

Studio Saison was a runner-up for 2019 Paris Shop Design Award.


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