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What do we offer to Architects, Interior designers, and Builders ? Visibility in our media

We propose Architects, Interior designers, and Builders, to publish information free of charge on our website, describing their agency in our directory, as well as their projects, including high-definition photographs, texts, and reference links to their site and their pages on social networks. This data is publicly available, on our site as well as on our social network pages, to contribute to the notoriety of their work.


What do we offer to Building Material and Services providers ?

The “Archiliste” Database

Over the last twenty five years, Archiliste has built a unique data base of information on building industry of France. This data base goes beyond offering you raw information on architecture firms, interior designers, economists, engineering and design departments or building project superintendents; instead, it offers you classification by order of economic importance and by specialization.

Enrich your digital marketing database

The Archiliste database is based on the 68,000 requests for building permits granted to architects and workers, and benefits from regular and exhaustive investigations by mail and telephone, and synchronization with data bases of companies registered in the telephone book and in various professional directories.

By analyzing our data base of years of information, we can provide you with firms that correspond to market shares and new buildings of all types of construction more than 1,000 sq. meters large. Our pool of architects is based on the analysis of 68,000 building permits issued in the last 25 years, information from workers, and the responses to questionnaire mailings to professionals practicing in the past ten years. We can also offer you sorting by types of construction and combine criteria.

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Send your emailing campaigns on our network

We can manage the routing of your marketing campaigns on our construction industry database.

It includes more than 40,000 emails qualified by profession:

  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Building services engineers
  • Builders

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Publish as an announcer in our digital media

We offer you to be present on:

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