Construction of 40 social housing units and a brasserie, Zac des Grands Moulins, in Pantin (93), by Atelier Téqui Architectes

Facing the town hall of Pantin, along the Ourcq canal, the building is a signal of the urban quality of the city center, requiring a strong identity and an architecture open to its environment. The project is designed as a homogeneous whole, remarkable for its materiality. A gray-taupe brick envelope characterizes the urban facades of the plot, creating the bow of the block. The protective envelope opens to the south, orienting the building towards the canal. This breath reveals a heart of the block in which are deployed facades in shiny concrete and metal balconies, offering all the apartments a view of the canal and a southern orientation. Like an amethyst, the center of the project offers shine, transparency and roughness to the eye. contrasting with the smooth character of the brick facades of the main envelope. A brasserie is installed at the corner of the Place de la Mairie and the quay, opening the building to its environment. Access to housing has been designed with this same desire for openness on the site. Rather than a simple hall facing the street, this is a passageway opening onto a patio planted in the heart of the block. The project has 40 apartments, which can be through, duplex facing south, or benefit from a double orientation. Most of them have a generously sized balcony

By Atelier Téqui Architectes