Public school near Paris, by RICHARD ET SCHOELLER

Project location: Epernon (28) France

Completion Year: 2018

Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 1500 sqm

Lead Architects: 

Other participants : Consultant structure : Alpes Structures, HVAC : S2T, Economist :Fabrice Bougon

Photo credits:  Sergio Grazia            

Photographer’s website:

Brands / Products

List of materials and brands) used in the project.

1. Saint Gobain :Glass U= 0,9

2. RAICO : Windows frames

3. Floor : Foribo Sarlino marmoleum

4. Wood furniture = WisaBirch

5. Tiles : Marazzi

6. Effective thermal break : Schöck


Project Description

 Located in the city center, the 8 classes school is accompanied by an urban change of pedestrian routes. Located against the old fortification, the building on one level is sheltered by a roof terrace entirely reachable and vegetated. The specificity of the structure is  a cantilever slab of 2.26 and 2.50 m. . It is connected by Schöck Effective thermal break. The building is based on a mixed concrete and steel structure. It respects HQE environmental certifications and has a carbon footprint < 250 eqCO2 / m2. The quality of the air, essential for a school is obtained by using not any  material like  PVC or emitting phthalates.