En Seine! Urban port and outdoor spaces, by SYVIL Architectures du Système Ville

The call for innovative projects “Réinventer la Seine” is looking for new possibilities of living on the water and along the banks for the Seine. Our answer is Paris first building dedicated to waterway urban logistics. It is located on a former parking lot on the registered site of the banks of the Seine. “En Seine” represents a new generation of hybrid equipments : rehabilitation, multifunctionality, waterway and electric transports as alternatives to diesel trucks, decentralized energy production, waterproof building. It demonstrates the city’s resilience and prefigures the post-fossil energy city, right in the heart of Paris.

« En Seine ! » is a new type of multifunctional  urban equipment along the Seine, both a  productive infrastructure and a unique living place :
– a last-mile urban port, low carbon,
– an education centre and a business incubator,
– a multi-energy station : bioethanol, natural gas, electricity, hydrogen (produced on-site by water electrolysis).

A public promenade, overlooking the river, connects the different entities and transforms the urban space which is today highly degraded by traffic and cars.

The logistics are incorporated inside the dock, between the Kennedy avenue on city level, and the road on river level. The operation offices are the only emergence above the city level. This forms a mineral base, as a new ground where the light constructions of the education centre and the multi-energy station can settle.

A brand new facility connects the dock to the logistical building : a “well-tunnel”. Directly from the boat, the merchandize stays on the same level to proceed to the courier space on the second basement. This doesn’t interfere with today’s roadway along the river and preserve the possibility of making it pedestrian.

By SYVIL Architectures du Système Ville

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