L’IMMEUBLE INVERSÉ – A shared storehouse : district logistics, by SYVIL Architectures du Système Ville

Located in Grenier Saint-Lazare Street, the former automated parking spreads over 6 underground floors. Only a small kiosk, that used to welcome the cars, emerges from the surface. As part of «Réinventer Paris 2», the call for innovative urban projects launched by the City of Paris, we collaborated with Sogaris, France first specialist of urban logistics, to transform this underground building into a logistical space adapted to a hyper-dense context.

Indeed, the district of Grenier Saint-Lazare, located in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, has a density of
30 000 people/sq.km., which represents approximately 22 000 households within a 700-meter distance around the parking kiosk. In the meantime, the arrondissement welcomes about 10 000 businesses, creating a dense and qualitative commercial fabric.

The hyper density of population, along with the high density of building, causes a lack of surface available for housing, commercial activity and logistics which results in a boom of property prices.

Noise pollution, traffic congestion and high prices keep logistics outside the city and public authorities need to find innovative solutions to bring it back into the inner centre. In this respect, Sogaris and Lulu dans ma Rue propose an ambitious project: developing France first project of district logistics, providing to the inhabitants as the retailers useful everyday services and an effective improvement of their quality of life.

By SYVIL Architectures du Système Ville

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