BREWERY LAYOUT “Le Petit Rungis” Toulon, by EI Carl TRAN

Our agency interior design and commercial arrangement was contacted to design and carry out the design and layout of a brewery located in the new premises of the AGPM facing Ste Musse in Toulon. The Challenge was high because the project had to be designed and delivered, all on 3 months. The agency was contacted early September to early December delivery, we quickly set to work to imagine the inner 350m².L’architecture and volumes In this vacuum and nine local professional kitchen and a 100m² laboratory were located. Our agency had to work around this volume. The request of the Client was to offer clients Restaurant, several atmospheres, modular but remaining consistent with each other. To do this we imagined removable walls “screen walls” that open or close the different spaces. The curtain was also used as a movable partition. On the general atmosphere, the owner of the place wanted to offer its customers a dynamic scene, colorful and crazy. To do TRAN Carl envisioned a place with neutral basis, using the existing concrete shuttered complemented by a kind of polished concrete floor. This gray base has come grafting decorative elements and colors to warm up the atmosphere of the scene. Fabrics mustard, blue, brown and gray came covering furniture, walls when them were coated wood forms deconstructed and 3D, torn and disassembled panels were installed to complete the set. Tile-type cement tiles was used on the floor and walls to delineate areas and serve as decoration in the bathroom. The benches were completely designed and made to measure. The bar was designed by our interior designer, Carl TRAN. It was made from HI-macs and painting medium. Ceiling slabs of different thicknesses and shapes were installed to reduce noise pollution caused by large volumes of place. As a ceiling at the entrance, a chef’s Hat cloud positioned to recall the logo of the brand and some of them are illuminated at night. The owner of the brewery also wanted to be able to exhibit paintings and artwork with the ability to change at will, so this customization, chair rails were installed on the outskirts of the Brasserie. The furniture was completely custom built by APSARA CREATIONS. A crazy but in which the guests feel good project, is the challenge that has once again raised by our agency. I invite you to go to: Rue Nicolas Appert – Quartier Sainte Musse Toulon – Tel: to discover the place and the staff ready to welcome you with joy and good humor! atmosphere guaranteed