Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah – DUBAI, by SYBILLE DE MARGERIE DESIGN

Renovated Imperial Suites
The core concept behind the Imperial Suites was inspired by the surrounding nature: water reflects, seabed, sand dunes, desert wind. This spirit is emphasized by the choice of colorful and poetic artworks: ethnic, graphic, moving patterns, following traditional aboriginal finest paintings.
Sybille de Margerie’s work is equally highlighted by the attention to detail, the choice of materials and the harmony of colors. Her projects are driven by the search for a perfect blend of tradition, modernity, and creativity in a characteristically French luxury spirit. This philosophy guided her takeover of the refurbishment of the Four Seasons Imperial Suites. With the constraint of keeping unchanged any element of the existing structure, the challenge was to give the suites a new look and feel. Sybille meticulously combined subtle details to overcome the aesthetic challenge with subtlety and grace.

The rug itself is an invitation to poetry. Soft shades of blue, passing through every imaginable tone, delicately tinged, it is an allusion to the dazzling flickering sunlight reflections on Dubai’s waters. In the intimate setting of the bedrooms, sepia tones prevail. The language of fine materials and colors so dear to Sybille de Margerie express itself. The carpet is an extraordinary range of graduated colors, the whole scheme suggesting the natural surroundings elements, water, desert, and sun.
A delicate textile of the curtains evokes a marine wave. An echo to the clarity and radiance of Dubai’s sea view