A09 – Flaship “Maison Abriza” – Paris, Opéra, by officine TNT ARCHITECTURE

Located in an ancient registrered Napoléon III building, fews steps from the Opéra Garnier, the flagship of that new perfumes brand settles down in a narrow boutique with narrow proportions, high and thin

Looking foward to enhance the spirit of this new brand, the Architects wanted to conceive a delicated project

They invented the architectural identity of the brand, starting from the mood board of Abriza, her universe mixing romantism and contemporaneity.

« We wanted to drawn lines which would detached the shop and underligne it. 
With its huge personnality due to moldings and bosses, the existing historical building was a huge partner to deal with. »

Therefore they decided to litteraly install the showcase into the building.
They choose to instore a distance between the builiding and the showcase, implementing a shadow gap all around wich enlight the shop day and night.

A mirored ribbon stick to the intrados of the arc reflecting the city, the barge, contributes to interfering the lecture when passing by, and also reflects the light installed into the gap.

The thiness of the frame was a bit difficult to keep from the initial conception, and the Architects chose to work with the steel reinforced material to keep the purity of their design.
A one piece huge glass is engraved with gold sheets, a banner made of metal mesh integrated betxween glass.
Two volums of glass offer exposition place framing the central door in wich a brass disk is included.

The stake was to keep this elegance and lightness of the initial design.


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