Student residence | CCI Chartres, by Philippe Fichet Architecte


The structure of the accommodation of Chartres is composed of 80 small flats and located within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Eure-et-Loir department. It provides full service to students either on trainings or attending apprenticeships.

The intent

For the purpose of this project, the CCI is committed to support and engage into making the business world more dynamic. In fact, this architectural program arises from this mind-set and aims at being its symbol.

This residence comes into play in an era where natural and actual professional challenges take place, where education, training and guidance make one, and at a moment when future professional commitments are put into perspective. In this context, this accommodation will demonstrate and emphasise a true sense of hospitality together with a twist of modernity which will echo the need of the business organisations. It will reflect the commitments of the business world to towards environmental values.

This program offers new opportunities for community bounding and social connection in a broader and more up-to-date scale. Its modernity will appeal for multi-qualifying offers.

This project embraces an environmental approach, especially through an H&E certification (Cerqual) combined with a BBC label.

The project

The establishment of this program will settle naturally around the current parcel. Due to its placement and orientation, the shape of the site is particularly appropriate for the development of this project and is ready to welcome its bioclimatic and sustainability features which constitute core values. Committing to this principle is committing on a larger extend to greater urban rehabilitation. It is also a way of getting anchored naturally into the site instead of breaking its history.

The reception areas are open, bright and meant for movement, which make them comfortable and conducive to both breaks and meetings among residents.As for the lodgings themselves, several configurations will be offered in order to accommodate various durations of stay which will impact their use. It is essential to allow for comfort of both short visits – including business workshops – as well as longer stays such as full university degrees.

A bipolar set-up for the living units will enhance the flexibility needed for the different purposes implied. The wet rooms, including bathroom and kitchen, are gathered around the circulation space and define the entrance. This formula appears to be a prerequisite to value the space of the living room, which will then qualify as a sleeping room as well as a living area. This easy solution meets all requirements for a differentiated use as expected for this residence.

The accommodations are developed based on a similar layout consistent with their set-up and offer an optimized opening to the environment. The whole arrangement provides view on the island which varies depending on the location of the apartments. In fact, each one will show different levels of permeability towards the horizon.

The set-up of the residence offers natural light and great exposure to sunlight for all apartments. Full flexibility in the arrangements of the interior is permitted for all accommodations. A bright overall tone will be given to the residence and the future colouring will be developed according to the process of vegetation which comes along with the project.

The façades

Façades are bright in order to enhance the quality of the light. Façades are covered in a plain coating, smooth as a skin in order to capture and diffuse light copiously. The west façade is more exposed to rough conditions over summer and is made of punched metal slabs – which are permeable to air – in order to create a protection and decrease unwanted effects due to climate. The finishing of this façade gives a shimmering outlook and forms filters. It is a way to set a threshold and mark a distance between the street and the living spaces.

We offer a unique glass unit framed with an integrated bind for the east façade and for the west façade of the ground-floor. This will allow for optimised performances and reduced costs for the bay windows. The project includes graphical signs serving as a link with the landscape and strong lines which allow for sustainable quality of usage.

The environment

Outdoor spaces are vegetated (pine trees, maples, lobed-leaved trees and lying dry herbs…) and slices of irregular vegetation are surrounding the parking area in order to reduce its visibility. Walkways are available near the façades to allow for relaxing times while enjoying the gardens of the residence.

The free space, which constitutes the widest part outside the extension and opposite to the parking spots, will be available solely to the residents in order to give them opportunities to enjoy peaceful moments in the garden.

By Philippe Fichet Architecte

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