Construction of 32 collective social housing units in Chevreuse, by Atelier Téqui Architectes

The location of the project offers a new opening towards the Chevreuse valley and the inclination of the building creates perspectives from the street towards the Yvette. Faced with the constraint of the slope of the land, the project adopts a principle of breaking down the volumes into successive horizontal strata: A mineral base: inspired by the basement walls very present in the Chevreuse valley, it forms a buttress to the hill and offers from rue Fabre d’Eglantine a horizontal path, giving access at building entrances. This mineral bedrock belongs to the site and appears to be part of the natural terrain. A metal interstice, on the facade of the ground floor, envelops both the facades of the halls and the collective premises. This specific treatment accompanies the journey of users towards the building halls. It ends with a belvedere, collective garden in “balcony” on the Chevreuse valley. The facades of the apartment buildings are treated with openwork vertical wood cladding in front of the balconies, the landings and the stairs of the collective circulations, letting in natural light. The accommodations all have an outdoor space, a view of the Yvette and a south orientation. The accommodations opening onto the exterior on one level each have a terrace and a garden. These private outdoor spaces are intimidated thanks to a system of hedges forming fences, allowing differentiate between private and collective spaces without establishing a rigid limit. Private spaces are integrated into the drawing of the overall landscaped space including collective green spaces and pedestrian paths.

By Atelier Téqui Architectes