Shop and exhibition space, by Atelier M3a Architectes

Time had taken its toll on the place. We proceeded like archeologists and we removed layer after layer until we found the spirit of the original building, a brick tiled floor and stone and brick walls that must have been more than 150 years old.

These old materials serve as a reminder of what the place used to be.  We wanted to preserve them as soon as we discovered them.

Most of the floor boards and partition walls have been taken away to give the place more light and volume.


We only added a ceiling and two staircases, two partition walls and boxed in furniture to keep costs down and maintain the harmony of the space, nothing more, nothing less.

Looking to be faithful to the original structure, we have just used timber in the conversion.


Inspired by traditional architectural styles, using local materials, the project looks like a « cabane de gardian camarguaise » with one living space and a double eaved-roof.

Chalk white paint harmonises the new with the old.

The living space with its unusual shape and exposed simplicity, has a great deal of potential.


Designed according to needs but allowing for changes in use, the whole conversion can be easily dismantled

By Atelier M3a Architectes