living between city and green, by BAUMSCHLAGER EBERLE ARCHITEKTEN

The largest square in eastern Paris, the Place Félix Eboué, has a new landmark: the residential and commercial building of Baumschlager Eberle Architekten closes the gap between a modernist building and a Belle Epoque house. Our team in Paris managed to formulate the transition very elegantly with a final terrace and an adjacent tower: The new house presents itself with a strongly sculptural architecture whose articulation reflects the dynamics of the urban space. With its shimmering white façade and striking shutters, it is more than just an enrichment for urban life. A spatial flow is developed quite consistently, leading from the square via a passage into the landscaped courtyard. In this way, the rigid separation between the public and private spheres is eliminated to the benefit of residents and passers-by.

The 104 apartments are intelligently developed and feature private open space. The building envelope with its efficient thermal and noise insulation supports the quality of stay in a building at the interface between city and green space.