ACTIVITRY – Inhabited productive monument, by SYVIL Architectures du Système Ville

Activitry is part of the last phase of the Rouget de Lisle area planned development. The district has been entirely redesigned since a new tramway line connecting Vitry to Paris will open soon. Activitry is the last available lot and is a strategic site to establish activity inside the metropolis : located at the entrance of the city, it is very close to the freeway and easily accessible by car or truck, it can become a symbol of the new alliance between habitat and vital urban services like logistics.

Activitry is a research about innovative productive property that must reclaim its place in the dense areas so as to stop the dramatic confinement of the productive functions at the limits of the metropolis. Activitry is part of a new generation of projects that invent new models of cohabitation and economic equalization and make urban productive activities acceptable, if not attractive. Returning to the city implies rethinking productive property : in order to reintroduce these functions in the living matter of the city, buildings need to be more dense, mixed and interactive.

The project is developed around the concept of “double-face” : careful about creating links with the urban fabric while fulfilling its regionally oriented role.

A productive base is dedicated to urban food logistics, it welcomes the first decentralised branch of Rungis international market. The activity is optimised and densified by taking advantage the site’s natural slope to create two logistical levels, both accessible by truck. The model also anticipates the use of the tramway for the last-mile distribution to Paris that would therefore be directly connected to Rungis.

The upper floors house offices, a hotel and a co-living residence for seniors. These related programs coexist perfectly with the productive functions and benefit from outstanding views over the Seine and beautiful sunlight. All the programs become real partners and provide proof to the neighbourhood that the most attention is given for a profound integration of the activities.

By SYVIL Architectures du Système Ville

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