The descent to the beach, by Pseudonyme Architecture

This project responds to the desire for “urban acupuncture”, i.e. targeted interventions in line with the continuity of the seaside and maritime history of the town. The Saint-André bridge is the symbol of the reconstruction of the city. It was photographed by Raymond Depardon for the exhibition 36 vues de la France. 

The urban staircase and the new beach toilets aim to rethink the comfort and the reception of the users of the Portel seafront. The objective is to provide users with modern, comfortable, easy to maintain and accessible facilities. Located in the main access to the beach of Le Portel, the project is based on the bathing facilities built during the reconstruction of the city at the end of the 19th century. The new sanitary facilities define a new architectural ensemble linking the main pier, the bandstand, the garage for the lifeguard boat and the beach. 

Its raw volumetry made of concrete sails follows the angles of the cliffs. Designed to accommodate all audiences, access to the various functions is through swinging doors clad in wood, echoing the naval architecture historically present in the funnel. The replacement of the guardrail and the lighting of the structure lighten and modernize its silhouette. 

These new urban components create new links between the city and the beach while facilitating access to the city’s waterfront. 
These new facilities reinforce the Funnel as a place of conviviality and sharing open to the sea.

By Pseudonyme Architecture

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