Media Library in Garenne-Colombes, by RICHARD ET SCHOELLER

In this cultural project located in Garenne-Colombes, we continue to make and think that the light and measurement are the 2 convergent components to create space.
The lines of the sun create a variation which transforms the concrete, crystallizing it of the solid state towards a luminous halation.
Only the apparent neutrality of this material can produce such effects of dematerialization while being illuminated.
Passing from the matter to luminous, the wall is put in scene and its visible variation modifies the perception of the place inducing of the behaviors, the attitudes, the different feelings according to the seasons and the hours. This feeling of time implies calms and measures.
Other dimension, that of the module created by the unevennesses during the casting of the very liquid and fluid self-compacting concrete. They are the elements of the calepinés components of the forms installation,
These lines of module of 90 cm by 2,26m appear in the light
The shade marks the human scale.
Finally to conclude the surface tension from material and its constructive aptitudes return the tension of the skin of surface even more prégnante.
This tension creates the movement, therefore space.