Offices and residential building, by SLA Architecture

The project includes a mixed-use building complex with offices, housing (including social housing) and catering areas on the ground floor.  Our agency will certainly move in these offices after building.  Project designed in collaboration with WaW Architectes and SLH (Engineering) Pictures © WaW Architectes By SLA Architecture Visit SLA Architecture website


“Courée” housing, by DE ALZUA+

The project is a reinterpretation of a housing called «courée». This is a typical form of courtyard workers housing, often built in the industrial districts of the North of France during the nineteenth century. The program aims to develop a modern approach of this theme. It focuses on a specific contemporary issue which is to…


60 children nursery + 13 students housing, by DE ALZUA+

The program, packed and complex, offers a dual programming in the same site, including a childcare centre with its staff housing and 13 students housing units. The project must integrate different qualities: openness and privacy, daytime operation for the childcare centre, evening and night for the housing, friendliness and safety…   The nursery is set…



In 2010, the plan started out as a house renovation.  However, when it was discovered that the state of the existing dwelling rendered this impossible, demolition and reconstruction became the point of departure for a new project.  The building plot is situated in a conservation area made up of medieval townhouses and various other period…