Sanofi's headquarter Masterplan, by SLA Architecture

Planning and architectural design of the historic headquarter of Sanofi.  From 1997, SLA Architecture developed the masterplan and designed this site building by building. We’ve designed six buildings in total, representing more than 800,000 sqft, in a 68 hectares operating site. This construction called “Azur” has been nominated at the SIMI Award 2010 in the Research…

VIP Airport Lounge, by SLA Architecture

Design of the world biggest airport VIP lounge, including restaurants, relaxation areas.Capacity : 620 people Project designed by Brandimage, Néonata (Noé Duchauffour Lawrence) and SLA Architecture © Eric Gizard, ADP, Brandimage, SLA Architecture By SLA Architecture Visit SLA Architecture website

Okko Hotel Design, by SLA Architecture

Industrialization process of the innovating concept of 4 stars Hotels Okko, designed by Patrick Norguet. Interior fittings of rooms, restauration clubs and lobbys. OKKO Hôtel Nantes Château : 80-bedroom hotel , 2 456 m² (~26,436 sqft)OKKO Hôtel Grenoble : 138 -bedroom hotel, 3 949 m² (~42,507 sqft) By SLA Architecture Visit SLA Architecture website

Campus Safran University, by SLA Architecture

Rehabilitation and expansion of the listed Castle of Vilgénis (built for Jérôme Bonaparte), to create the “Campus Safran University”, which includes : a 4 star hotel (80 rooms), a restaurant, a bar and fitness/spa area, a training center, an auditorium and offices.  The park, listed as well, has been rearranged.  With the collaboration of Harold…

Offices and residential building, by SLA Architecture

The project includes a mixed-use building complex with offices, housing (including social housing) and catering areas on the ground floor.  Our agency will certainly move in these offices after building.  Project designed in collaboration with WaW Architectes and SLH (Engineering) Pictures © WaW Architectes By SLA Architecture Visit SLA Architecture website


SCHEDULING DRIVING WORK COORDINATION for BUILDING A RESTAURANT ROOM (100sqm) OVER CENTRE POMPIDOU-METZ TERRACE in METZ (57 / FRANCE) – STUDIOLADA Architects (Christophe AUBERTIN & Benoît SINDT) (54 Nancy) – ABECO S.D.W.C. (54 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy) – 5 months works – Metalllic structure, curtain-glasses, white pcv membrane. Réopening : 29/07/2016 By ABECO

60 children nursery + 13 students housing, by DE ALZUA+

The program, packed and complex, offers a dual programming in the same site, including a childcare centre with its staff housing and 13 students housing units. The project must integrate different qualities: openness and privacy, daytime operation for the childcare centre, evening and night for the housing, friendliness and safety…   The nursery is set…